Cloud Connectivity Guide for Codesys, Node-RED, and WAGO EDM (Energy Data Management) application

This guide provides detailed instructions on how to send data from a WAGO device to a cloud via MQTT with Codesys, Node-RED, and the WAGO EDM (Energy Data Management) application. This also covers the initial web-based management setup on the device and helps you install your required software.

Right now this is guide is meant for PFC200, CC100, and TP600 Control Panels / Edge Controller (752-8303/8000-002). The initial set-up instructions will differ slightly for the WAGO Edge Computers (752-9400 / 752-9401 and 752-9800).

Cloud Connectivity 2023 (compressed).pptx (13.4 MB)


Nice, great manual! Thank you

Thank u very much! Perfect!

Nice, Love youre guide.

I would like some more info about sparkplug. And how I can use it with wago and ignition.
My understanding is that Sparkplug is a Specification that makes it easier to make different systems communicate together.