Sparkplug B on WAGO PFC Gen 1

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I am just facing an issue on WAGO PFC200 on Node-red that every 1 min interval, the sparkplug node is getting disconnected and then gets connected again from the MQTT engine from the ignition server and can anyone help me out with this? i am not sure whether if the problem is on the MQTT engine side or the Node-red, Please help.

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Does the sparkplug node in NR show disconnected or is it on the Ignition side where it disconnects? NR is very stable with MQTT connections, so the issue might be with the cirrus link broker.
Also, run HTOP and look at the CPU utilization over a few minutes. The kernel is real-time and every minute does some housekeeping (util goes to 100%), I wonder if this coincides with the disconnects you are seeing. This was more an issue with Gen1 than the upgraded Gen 2 controllers.

Hello, on the node-red the sparkplug gets disconnected, and i don’t have any idea about HTOP, can you please guide me on that please? Thank you very much

Hello, Simply ssh into the controller and type htop, this will show the CPU utilization in realtime.

it seems like i am overworking my WAGO PFC200? i am not sure, this is the first time seeing this. I believe that Gen 1 devices being slow might be creating issue with MQTT connectivity?

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I do not recommend running NR on the Gen1. You could slow your PLC program down using the task manager, which might help a little.

is it because on the PF200, there isn’t sufficient process memory to run the codesys, and NR with MQTT concurrently ? Please can you give me more brief detail on that?

task manager on wago? how can i slow down the PLC program?

WAGO released the PFC200 Gen2 in 2019, which has about 2x the memory and CPU as the Gen1. The Gen1 was discontinued since the Gen2 is basically the same price as its predecessor.

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@WagoKurt is it possible to slow down the PLC program and run the NR? If so, then please can you guide me, how can i do that? Thanks

You can change the PLC runtime task cyclic rate as shown below. What you set this too is very application dependant. For a test, try reducing to 500ms and see if CPU utilization improves.

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