CODESYS Softmotion with PFC200 G2


Has anyone tried to use CODESYS Softmotion library with PFC200 G2 in latest firmware 25 and with latest CS3.5 release? Is it possible to use the library with WAGO PLC?

BR, Petrus

Not sure about the WAGO FW, but I tried to use the Soft Motion in the PFC200 with the Codesys SL runtime a few years ago. The PFC controller type was not classified as a motion controller, and therefore not compatible. I did get the soft motion to work with the faster quad core Edge Controller though, with the Codesys Runtime SL at around the same time, and tested with an EtherCAT Servo Drive.

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I got information that WAGO FW & Runtime supports Softmotion Light version. Full softmotion version can be used in the WAGO Hardware with the Codesys SL Runtime.