Controller reset wago cc100


I would like to factory reset my wago cc100 controller. I have completed a controller reset, but files do not get removed. The goal is to free up internal memory after i have installed files which i do not get to remove.

One way would be to use a SD card to copy a clean firmware in the CC100.
You can follow the manual on how to do it.

Ps have you tried the factory reset system by using the reset and run/stop switches ?

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Thanks for answering. Good idea with flashing new firmware.

I have done the controller reset many times which is as following:

1.Press reset button
2.Set selector switch to reset.
Now this is a bit unclear: 3. Press and hold both buttons until sys led flash green/yellow. 2 buttons?
4. Release switch and button.

Is there a second button? I can only see a mode selector switch and reset button. 1 button, not 2.

This procedure only resets passwords, and settings. Files is same as before. The procedure is described at page 93 in wago cc100 manual.

I flash new firmware when i get wago sd card. I previously tried with sandisk sd card, but seems wago controller doesnt like fat32 formatted sd cards.

I think its a translation problem

  1. Press reset button
  2. Set selector switch to reset.
  3. Press and hold both button and switch until sys led flash green/yellow (or green/red).
  4. Release switch and button.

I know the step aren’t easy to do (i think it is made to not being able to do a reset by accident).

The SD card need to be SD or SDHC, WAGO system unfortunately can’t use SDXC.
The SD card format isn’t a problem since you are writing a firmware on it (with its designated partition and formatting)

This page will help you with the SD card.

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