Latest Firmware Upgrade on ecockpit - WAGO PFC200 (Unknown device error)

Hello, i recently installed firmware 3.09.024(21) on my WAGO 750-8204 PFC200 CS 2ETH RS CAN module and i believe it is not able to connect to my e!cockpit because my firmware is changed. Do i require new EDS file as the firmware updated or is there any other solution to this?

Please help. Thanks

As you update FWs on each controller, you’ll need to update the version of E!cockpit as well. As it stands, the version of E!cockpit you are running predates the FW and can not recognize it.

Go to “File” → “Updates & Add-ons” → Update your E!cockpit to the latest version


Talking about updating E!Cockpit… am I the only one with problems downloading updates now? It is extremely slow. I’m on a 1Gbit connection and use almost 2 hours to download 250Mb… No problem with download speed in general here.

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You are absolutely right. Right now the download server is experiencing problem.
Please wait for the IT department to solve this.
Sorry for the time lost !


Got any feedback when they think the update servers will be OK again?

The slow speed freezed my e! so it crashed and messed up my install. It started throwing error messages after the crash so I uninstalled e! and installed an older version from a full install I had on my computer from earlier. The problem now is that my programs for my PFCs require a newer version of e!.. which I can’t download :stuck_out_tongue: So stuck in limbo mode :smiley:

Was planning to do some coding on these PFCs (hobby project) this weekend but looks like I can grab a beer instead :beers:

I don’t know when it will be solved.
Here is a temporary link to download it : link
You should be able to update it using this configuration and replacing by the location of the folder extracted. :

But don’t hesitate to contact the local ater-sales support team if you are in trouble.
You will have some time for your beer when installing it :slight_smile:
Cheers !

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Here is the official link that you should used instead :

Thanks! Up running again :slight_smile: The weekend is saved.

Is there any way to check the status of the update service to see if it is ok ? A service status page or something.