FbDatalogger recording to SD card

PLC 8212 (FW.26) Codesys 19.2
When adding FB FbDatalogger, I cannot select the path to the flash drive (sDirEntry : STRING(80):=‘/home/codesys’:wink:
I see the flash drive through the web interface, I formatted it in FAT format (Size 4 GB)
If I start writing a file along this path, I get an error: “Status of the last log: File Access Error”
I read that you need to change the file /etc/codesys3.d/RtsCore.cfg
But I didn’t understand what exactly to change. I am attaching a screenshot.

I added directories to the file /etc/codesys3.d/RtsCore.cfg and writing to these directories works.
But it doesn’t want to write to the root /media/sd.

Hi, you simply have to create the CSV_Files folder under /media/sd yourself, as it does not happen automatically due to a bug

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I understood, although when I added the path to the file I didn’t need to create it. Everything was created that way. Maybe it’s easier to immediately register the path /media/sd/CSV_Files so that the controller creates it itself?