Regarding data logging

I’m not able to log data to sd card . an error “status of the last log: file access error” is showing in the data log template. No file is generated in the sd card after trigger is given . is it is the file path issue?

Hi, if you are using Fw26 due to a bug, you need to create the folder yourself.
So by default you have to create the folder CSV_Files in /media/sd/.

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Yes,I m using Fw 26.
The sd card is already inserted in PLC, How can I create folder in the sd card.???

Use an SSH program like PuTTY. The command is “md CSV_Files”, while you are in the “media/sd” folder. For example:

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You can use an FTP client such as FileZilla to create and view files. Just don’t forget to enable FTP in the web interface.

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i have created CSV_Files , still there is “file access error” is showing.