How tostay Up to Date

Dear all,
i am working with a PFC200, FW 4.4.3 (26), Codesys, Device Description
Everything works as expected.

My question is:
When the Codesys Installer reminds me for Updates, shall i stay Up to Date from Codesys side, or is there a possibility of problem of compatibility?
Greetings Patrick

Hello Patrick,
Device description and libraries may not be 100% compatible with latest version of CODESYS at the moment of the release. You might need manual adjustment of compiler version, visualisation profile… Which is not very convenient and time consuming in case of a bug.
You should go to the Download Center and install the WAGO Navigator.
It will warns you when there are new updates available.
As a general rule use only the CODESYS version which are listed in the Download center.
Additionnaly by clicking on a software component in the Download center, you can see the dependencies required :


Hi Patrick,

as Quentin said, you can use the Wago Navigator to remind you for Updates.

Be careful if you install parallel Versions of Codesys on your Computer, that can lead to unexpected Behaviour regarding the Software Modularization Codesys did with V3.5.17.3.

Since V3.5.18 you are not able to manually adjust the Compilerversions.
Thats why Wago added the Dependencies for each Firmware Version in the Download Center.

Here are some additional Informations directly from Codesys:

I recommend to use an extra Virtual Machine with a separate Installation at the moment.
There will be a Sandbox Feature available in the Future to solve these issues.

Best Regards, Alex


Thank you for reply,
So in my simple case with only one version of Codesys (the most acual one from Wago) it means for me:
Dont’t use updates from Codesys side like

Just use updates you get from Wago (Navigator, WAGO Download Center…)

Then i’m Up-to-Date and compatible with my Wago PFC200.
Greetings Patrick

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You can still use updates for the Packages, because Wago will not fix Bugs in Codesys Plug-Ins Like CODESYS EtherCAT, CODESYS LD/FBD, these mean to be the Configurators etc. which the IDE is using.

If you update the Components in your Only One Version that may only affect older Projects you created and re-open them again, because some of the Package Releases older Versions are not compatible with new Package Versions. (especially the Visualization Package)