Import Codesys 2.3 Project into E!Cockpit

Good day all.
I see it should be possible to import a Codesys 2.3 Project into E!Cockpit, but when I go to the Import page it only has the Codesys V3 button and not the V2 button.


Hi @Alanvs69,
the function is unfortunately no longer available in e!C 1.11.

Best regards

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Hello Patrick
I have tried to install the codesys addon to have the converter back but it can’t be used.
I think this is a big problem since more and more user will migrate from codesys 2.3

@Alanvs69 I think the only way is to use the Codesys 3.5 32bit version and add the 2.3 import plugin, then export the part you want to integrate in e!Cockpit.