e!Cockpit will be discontinued ...any migration support?

Hi there, 4 those using e!Cockpit will there be any migration support 2 codesys since e!Cockpit will be discontinued?
How is licence management affected?
Many thanks in advance!

e!COCKPIT is not discontinued, but you now get the chance to choose between e!COCKPIT and CODESYS as IDE for your WAGO controllers. e!COCKPIT is 90% based on CODESYS so almost everything is compatible. In a lot of cases just renaming the .ecp to .project, and updating the target and compiler version in the CODESYS project is enough. When using Fieldbus configurators, it can be more tricky.
WAGO has developped a full migration guide to help you in this process :

CODESYS is free so there are no licences fee.
For Runtime licences, Fieldbus that are available in CODESYS will be free (EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT…).
WAGO specific feature such as BACnet/IP, Telecontrol, MultiCloud and Sparkplug B will remain under licence.


A big thank you to WAGO for finally giving us the possibility to use Codesys directly.
It’s Christmas before time.

Will the PFC100 range be concerned by this possibility in the future?

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Thanks for your feedback.
Unfortunately not in his actual hardware, but more information will come within the next months.

What would be the benefits / drawbacks of migrating to Codesys from e!Cockpit besides the time invested in migrating?

CODESYS is free of charge. You can install it on an unlimited number of computers… It can be useful if you need to give the software to the end customer.
You will also get some Realtime Ethernet protocols for free (EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFINET in the future).
CODESYS has also an interesting Modbus/TCP to RTU gateway (not available in this release though).
If you use third party devices you can use it within the same project.
CODESYS has a also a faster release cycle.

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