Need help with Wago 750-8203?

Hello all,
this is my first post so don’t flame me to much.
Anyhow i got Wago 750-8203 from my old job and i power it and SYS, RUN,I/O all green, also under power supplay A is green. I dont have SD card just want to say maybe this will be relevant and also i dont have that master field plug that connect over usb to PC.
So what i did is i made crossover cable by cutting type B cable and made 2nd end to A type cable so i can connect. Then i used Wireshard to find out what is IP from wago because i only know MAC address. After i detect it, it say source:, destination so anyhow it is I check and double check and it is that device because i compare MAC address and they are matching. So because i cant ping i was thinking i will make factory reset and he will get some default IP but after holding RST button and Reset and after blinking red/green i release, that is what i found in manual of 750-8203 but it is still
Can someone tell me how to set IP address of my wago and if it is possible with my crossover ethernet cable or i will need that field cable that goes in master plug to set his IP???
I am asking because i don’t want to buy cable if i don’t need, this will be my testing PLC for home.

Thanks all in advance! and for any info!



Welcome to the Forum! You can set a temporary IP address of for the controller using these steps. The temporary IP address will remain until it is changed in the WBM, or the controller is rebooted.

To set temporary fixed IP addresses, proceed as follows:

  1. Set the mode selector switch to STOP and
  2. Press and hold the Reset button (RST) for longer than 8 seconds.
    Execution of the setting is signaled by the “SYS” LED flashing orange.

Once you have the temporary IP address set, you can use a web browser and the web-based management to set a static IP for the controller.


Thanks a lot, it is working finally! Lost 3 days with this because i don’t have experience with Wago only done Siemens till this point.
Anyhow thanks one more time!

Mike’s answer is spot. By far the easiest method of getting connected to one of our controllers.

I would also like to add that WAGO does provide free support and assistance locally.

Head over to the WAGO website linked below. Select “Responsible Contacts” and enter your zip code in the filter setting. You’ll get direct access to a team of WAGO contacts who can help out in an immediate need.

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