OPC-UA : Load testing on 750-8212

Hi All,

I am working through an OPC UA load test on a 750-8212 controller. The bench test setup is :

1 x 750-8212 [Firmware 25]

  • OPC UA Server Connected to 18 Clients with 100 tags (15 Node-RED Clients[500ms Update] + 3 Edge Controller Clients[200ms Update])
  • OPC UA Client Connected to 3 Other Servers with 100 tags (3 Edge Controller Servers [200ms Update])



/// Results ///

In this configuration we saw an approximate CPU load of 55%, and load averages around 3.

With OPC there are a number of factors that determine load including the number of connected clients, number of tags, tag update rate, and structure of the data.

Asking the forum for any comments on the load averages, and ways to optimize this configuration. I would also be curious to hear about any similar existing configurations.

Thanks for any input!