PFC100 Missing in the CodeSys Package

I just download the Wago CodeSys package and installed it all fine, I have all the PFC200 G2 controllers available, but the older PFC200 and the PFC100 are missing. How can I add the PFC100?

I would like to use the PFC100 on a few projects I have on the go

This is where I downloaded the codesys package:

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The actual PFC100 (generation 1) and PFC200 G1 - already discontinued - won’t be programmable with CODESYS.
It has been decided to upgrade the hardware of PFC100.
There will be soon (Q1 2024) a new PFC100, PFC100 Generation 2 with upgraded hardware that will support CODESYS IDE.
It will be possible to downgrade the PFC100 G2 in order to program it with e!COCKPIT.

Hi @quenorha thanks for the update and clearing that up. For my upcoming projects the PFC200 G2 is overkill and to expensive so I looked at the Basic Controller 100 which would do it, but I started my CodeSys project to find it does not support EtherCat Master for my RemoteIO, will EtherCat be available for this controller any time soon? Thanks

BC100’s network interface can’t be split. Unfortunately the BC100 won’t support EtherCAT as it requires a dedicated interface. Have you considered CC100 (Compact Controller 100) if the I/O mix fit your application ?

Hi @quenorha unfortunately the CC100 is not suitable. Can you not make the interface support EtherCat with EoE? For example I use RaspberryPis in my Dev environment and I share there single Ethernet port with EtherCat and Modbus/TCP and upload/download/online with it no problems and fine for slower tasks, I understand it’s not realtime and never will be, but suitable for most IO tasks etc Having the PFC100 not ready leaves a big gap for quite some time.

On the CodeSys website there is a package for the PFC100 CODESYS Control for PFC100 SL | CODESYS Store International I know I could use that but the license adds a lot of extra cost for small projects. I would have thought since there is already CodeSys support for it, it would not be difficult to add until the G2 version is ready. I don’t want to use eCockpit at all

@quenorha what does the BC100 support? OPC-UA Server? Profinet/Ethernet/IP? The data on the website and in the manual is pretty limited on this controller

I understand the need, but as far as I know this is not planned.
The BC100 support Modbus/TCP (Client/Server), Ethernet/IP(Adapter/Scanner), OPC-UA Server(Client/Server).

@quenorha I just did a test with BC100 and can add profinet? So does that mean it’s included? Looks like I can’t use Wago in any of my projects anyway, just heard back from Wago Australia and they won’t have any of the products I need for another 4 - 5 months. What are your global stock levels like? Can I buy from the web store?

@Matt303, PROFINET won’t be supported. If you can add it this probably a mistake in the device description.
For OPC-UA and Ethernet/IP you have to wait FW03.
For the stock level get in touch with your sales contact. All our devices comes from our main stock so there is no way to get it faster from somewhere else.

@quenorha Why not support Profinet? It can be used on the same ethernet interface. I don’t see the problem with this one? Can you please ask if they can add at least Profinet since EtherCat is not an option because of the shared ethernet interface

Hi @quenorha just wondering if the BC100 now supports Ethernet/IP and OPC-UA server? I have a few projects which require EIP and OPC-UA. Thanks!

Hello, the FW03 including OPC-UA is planned for this month as far as I know.
Unfortunetaly the EIP integration has been postponed. The actual OS version (Nucleus) doesn’t support raw socket and thus doesn’t support EIP. This will need a newer version of Nucleus which can take some time, I don’t have more precise information about a date unfortunately.

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Hi @quenorha, Thanks for the update, that’s a shame EIP is still some time away. I thought they were linux based or is that only the PFC range? Would you know when the 2nd gen PFC100 will be available to purchase? Thanks

I agree that’s a shame.
BC100 is based on our legacy controller platform, thus Nucleus based.
All our actual range (PFC, CC100, Edge Controller, TP600) are Linux based.
PFC100 G2 should be available in January 2024.

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