BC100 Device Description

Using a 750-8000 in Codesys 3.5 but current version description package from download center ( does not contain one nor is it mentioned anywhere in the release notes. Webpage for 750-8000 suggests it uses Codesys 3.5 for programming but does not list the separate description file like other models.

Is there a description file for this device somewhere?


Thanks, that worked. Although still can’t find it in download center outside of that link.

I’m finding conflicting information on Ethernet/IP support with the BC100. It does not build with an E/IP scanner in the project (Replacing a CC100 due to 0-10V inputs), but E/IP support is listed in many places. Does it only support being an Adapter?

Ethernet/IP scanner and adapter will be supported in FW04

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Thanks for confirming, is there a timeline for that release?