PFC200 Built-in CAN (CANOpen) on Codesys 3.5

Good day,

I am currently busy trying to send CAN communications through the built-in CAN port (X4) on the 750-8216 PLC.

I am trying to send a CAN message to confirm that the port is working. To do so, I’m using a CAN sniffer in order to read the message being sent out on a CANBUS. I have confirmed that the CAN sniffer is working with another device. And that the baud rate is 500kbps on all the necessary devices.

You’ll see that the CANBus has been configured to use a “WAGO_CAN_Layer2_Device” with CANOpen.

I am making use of the function blocks in the WagoAppCanLayer2 library. I am trying to execute the message by opening the port with the “FbCanL2Open” function block and trying to transmit the CAN message by using the “FbCanTx11BitFrame” function block.

Please let me know if I have misunderstood how the function blocks work or if there is another configuration that I should be using for the built-in CAN port on the 750-8216. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some images which indicate how the CAN is being implemented on the WAGO controller in Codesys.

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