Read sensors value through Ethernet IP

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I am new to Ethernet I/P communication protocol. Before this, I’ve only done Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP. It seems like Ethernet I/P is quite different. What should I do actually after I have uploaded the EDS file of the sensor that I want to read? I already put the IP address of the sensor. If would be nice if theres any video or link that would help me. Really appreciate any help from you guys.

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Hi, maybe this page helps for the first steps:
EtherNet/IP – First Steps

Hi, thank you for the tips but I have done those steps before I asked here in the forum. Its just that, how can I map the variables with the sensor ? That is something new for me.

If you go to the section Ethernet IP I/O Mapping, you can enter variable names for the data arrays. These are global variables that you can then use in your logic POUs. You will need to consult the device manual to understand what the mapping is if using a generic EDS, but some devices have good EDS files that already have descriptions for all the data elements.