Tech Note: CODESYS 3.5 EtherNet/IP Scanner Assembly Mapping

I discovered a useful feature within one of the CODESYS EtherNet/IP configuration screens that wasn’t immediately apparent but simplifies the process of mapping IO data of a remote WAGO node. By default, when adding a 750-363 or 750-366 EtherNet/IP node to your CODESYS project, it maps all the process data in the assemblies as BYTEs. Consequently, if you have an analog module, you must combine the BYTEs of an analog point in code to form a WORD or INT for use in the PLC program. Below is an example of the default mapping.

Fortunately, this screen also allows you to edit the variable types used in the assembly, enabling you to convert two BYTEs into a WORD or INT without the need to write code. It’s important to note that the assembly sizes must still align with the size of the node’s process data.

Now you can assign tag names to the new types in the assemblies and use them directly in your code.