Tech Note: 3S Runtime with OPC UA Server

These are not two servers, but two different endpoints. One with hostname and one with the IP in the endpoint URI’s

Your last picture looks good … normally you only have to look in the quarantine folder from your controller in the security screen and then put the certificate from the client to the trusted folder via drag&drop.

Thank you for your reply. I’ll try it.

  1. Before when there was eCockpit I only had one OPC in my search. There are two now, why? What causes this to happen?
  2. OPC UA will not work without a certificate? Is the time of operation limited to the time of the certificate?

It worked once I moved the certificate from quarantine to trusted.
I have an error when connecting, if I press ignore a poll occurs. What is this error and how to treat it?

the error refers to the SubjectAlternativeName extension, which shall contain the server’s hostname(s) and/or IP addresses. If you connect to the server using it’s IP address and the certificate only contains the hostname (or the other way round), this error will be thrown.

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I’m trying to communicate the Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server with the Edge Controller (FW26) configured as a OPC UA Client with the DataSourcesManager

Everything seems to be normal using the ControlWin but not with the edge controller
Is there a configuration to do?
I’m using opc.tcp://ipaddress and not the devicename and my CODESYS Communication is updated as

Hi, can you perhaps give us a little more information? What exactly is not working?