Trend recording did not work

i have created a project which contain 30 trend and suddenly trend recording is not working. its showing an error 30437.“Determination of root pages for recording did not work for ‘screen’, error:30437” . The above mention error message is show in device log.

how to solve this issue?

personally i have no idea about this error, but:
have you created all those trend one by one or do copy / paste ?
when did the error occured ? (as soon as the 30 trend where set or after some time ?)
have you tested by batch of trend (5 by 5 or 10 by 10) or only tested with 1 and the 30 trend ?

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the entre trend was working properly , but suddenly the recording is stop working.when i check the device log i found that above attached error message.

In that case, could you open a cmd line on your pc,
in it type “ssh admin@<ip address of the plc>”
type “yes” to accept the sha key of the plc when prompted
enter the password of the admin account when prompted
then type “df -h” and check how many file system memory is left for the /home

if there is still “enought” space on the file system i recommend you to contact WAGO technical support for this problem.