Wget: error getting response: Connection reset by peer. PFC200 FW20 & FW21

If using FW20 and FW21 on PFC200, I can’t seem to get wget utility to work properly (for example using the provisioning tool.). For now, I am recommending FW18, but is there a fix to this issue?

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Hi @WagoKurt ,

I had the same issue. I’ve managed to correct it using curl instead of wget.
curl -L https://..../menu.sh -o menu.sh -s
(-L to follow github redirection, -s for silent)

I have made a workaround for FW versions <19 in order to fix the curl issue (by adding missing cacert.pem) and to have only one script for every FW versions.

See the full example here on my own provisionning tool based on your work : GitHub - quenorha/wpt: WAGO Provisioning Tool


That’s a great work around, thanks! I’ve updated the provisioning tool github docs with the new command.

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