CC 100 and Barcode Scanner

Hello community.

I need your help.

A customer uses a CC100 - 751-9301 and wants to add a barcode scanner to its application.

Does anyone know of a USB scanner and a converter that worked with an RS485 port in a Wago PLC?
I am using a CC100 751-9301.

I could connect a wired RS232 scanner with an RS232 to RS485 converter to port X11 - RS485 - 2 wires.

Another option is to use an Ethernet scanner with POE.

Has anyone in our community already used scanner, converter, or POE injector to recommend me?

I already have Codesys 3.5 code for Ethernet and CC100 (Thank you @Tracy Lenz).

Thank you in advance.

Carlos Pena

At first glance, the task is not difficult. I don’t know how to work with USB ports, but if you take RS232 or RS485 and the protocol from the device description. I think writing such a protocol will not be a big problem. If you have a device model, please send the barcode.

WAGO will add a CC100 with RS-232 interface in the portfolio later this year.
If you go for the Ethernet interface, I would recommand the whole new PoE injector from WAGO :
852-1731 (60W) or 852-1732 (90W)

Hello Carlos,

For the USB i don’t think this is possible.
The USB Scanner is a USB device, the Serial to USB converter is also a USB device. unless you have a USB host which can handle virtual USB port and send it to a physical serial port it won’t be possible.

Here in Japan we have used scanner from Omron or Keyence (Serial or IO Link) and they work great. those are the same type of scanner used in airport conveyor belt for the luggage (scan the barcode and dispatch the luggage to the right airplane).

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