Disable e!cockpit "Port Authentication" using ssh?

Is there an easy way to disable e!cockpit port autentication using the ssh instead of through the WBM?

The fastest way is to run script from /etc/config-tools (these scripts are also run by WBM)

/etc/config-tools/config_runtime authentication=disabled

The second way is to run cbm (it opens WAGO Console Based Management Tool, but note that only controllers 750-8xxx have such a program):

  1. run cbm command

  2. Choose 10. Ports and services

  3. Choose 13. PLC Runtime Services

  4. Choose proper runtime Codesys23/e!COCKPIT

  5. Select 2. Port Authentication enable/disable

  6. Disable port Authentication


Awesome! Thank you very much for both solutions.

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