e!COCKPIT discontinued - CODESYS 3.5 to be WAGO's new standard automation platform

WAGO’s Automation platform, first launched in 1995, continues to expand their product line with new controllers, couplers, I/O and software. Ultimately, we know the life cycle of each specific product is bound to end. No product has an infinite lifespan and we would like to take the time to hereby inform you of our intention of discontinuing our e!COCKPIT and other related items.

Products/Versions being discontinued:.

Alternative Options:
You can continue to operate new and existing PFC200 G2 Series, Touch Panels 600 Series and the WAGO Edge Controller with the new CODESYS 3.5 engineering platform and supporting WAGO tools. This requires use of firmware version 23 or higher. The CODEYS 3.5 engineering tool and WAGO device firmware are available for download for no charge from our Download Center.

To help you with converting existing applications from e!COCKPIT to CODESYS 3.5, WAGO offers an online migration guide, which you can find in the WAGO Download Center or click here: Migration Guide – from e!COCKPIT to CODESYS V3.5.

End of Life Program:
Last call date:

December 31st, 2023 is the last-call date. The last-call date is the latest date on which you can order the items. This is the last time we will be able to confirm the items you ordered. No further orders can be processed after the last-call date. In addition, online operation of e!COCKPIT versions < 1.10 will end at this time, since communication with the WAGO license server requires a modification that cannot be accomplished in older versions. It will still be possible to use the e!COCKPIT software with version 1.10 and above.

Discontinuation Deadline:
The discontinuation deadline for the above listed products is March 31st, 2025. This means that support for the products will be discontinued on this date, and no further updates of any kind will be provided.

Pricing for CODESYS 3.5:
The CODESYS license is included in each device, so there will be no license fee. The CODESYS 3.5 IDE (development environment) is free to download the from CODESYS site.

Fieldbuses that are available in CODESYS will be free (EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT…) and WAGO will be moving multiple libraries over from e!COCKPIT.

WAGO-specific features such as BACnet/IP, Telecontrol, MultiCloud, and Sparkplug B will remain under license.


This is great news! I can now go back to CodeSys from Beckhoff! I have just signed up for the eStore, let’s hope the pricing is as good as Beckhoff or better! The eCockpit was holding me back from trying out Wago products


What about PFC100? Why is those not supported while it is supported by having to buy an additional license for the codesys package?
Is it being discontinued aswell for the benefit of Basic Controller 100?

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@VegardS I hope this is not the case, I was just looking at the Basic Controller 100 and It doesn’t support EtherCat Master and that’s a requirement for me. Let’s hope the PFC100 is added very soon

The actual PFC100 (generation 1) and PFC200 G1 - already discontinued - won’t be programmable with CODESYS.
It has been decided to upgrade the hardware of PFC100.
There will be soon (Q1 2024) a new PFC100, PFC100 Generation 2 with upgraded hardware that will support CODESYS IDE.
It will be possible to downgrade the PFC100 G2 in order to program it with e!COCKPIT.
The Basic Controller 100 isn’t a replacement for PFC100. PFC100 has more cybersecurity features, cloud connectivity, and Docker support (for Generation 2).
Basic Controller 100 are replacement for CODESYS 2.3 controllers (750-88X and 750-89X)