'The function could not be executed' error on startup

Good evening,
First off i want to say that i’m not sure if i posted in the right section, sorry in advance.
I’m getting an error when trying to start E!Cockpit. Started happening yesterday after i modified my last project. I sadly do not remember what i did, but it wasnt anything important. The program crashed, i went away for coffee for good half an hour. After that i realized that it’s stuck to a Fatal Crash on Startup.

I seem to not be able to find any info on this error in Google, so im kind of stuck. Ive reinstalled E!Cockpit multiple times since then. I tried deleting Program Files, Program Data, Registried, Temporary Files manually with no result. I’m guessing i’ve missed a file(profile one, perhaps? It seems to mention that profile name can’t be null, but i cand find a directory of the profile :saluting_face:) or something. Maybe someone can help me pinpoint out what’s the cause? :slight_smile:
I posted the Wago_Support_Information file below. I appreciate anyone’s help! Thanks!
Wago Support Info Zip File (Redirects to Google Drive download)