e!COCKPIT 1.11.02 "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" error

Hello amigos.

Could you please assist me with this annoying error in e!C 1.11.02?

I’m running e!COCKPIT 1.11.02 and keep getting the error, “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation”. Any suggestions? I tried a few direct projects with different PLC types.

Show I roll back to e!C 1.10?

Thank you.



I can only assure you that the project was saved despite this message

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Hello Carlos, Does this happen only if you have more than one instance of e!Cockpit running ?


Same problem for me.

I had never encountered this type of error before this update.
The problem occurs even with a single instance.

It occurs each time you want to save a project under another name. (save as), the error appears, the project seems to have been saved, but ecokpit remains on the old project name whereas normally when using this type of function, you must then work with the new name.

More problematic, my PC rebooted automatically the other day without asking my opinion. (Thanks to Windows 10 Update)
A project was open before that, automatic backups were made visibly,
but now the software crashes when I want to open one of the automatic backup.

from the release notes for version 1.11.1:
ATTENTION: Recently, there have been several reports of errors when saving projects, which only
occur with the latest version of Windows 11 (22H2).
This is fixed by Microsoft with KB5020044. Please ensure that this update is installed on your
Windows 11 machine.