Changing default CODESYS version

Hello community,
Does anyone knows how to set as default a specific CODESYS installation when several are installed on the same machine ?
It looks it is always the last installed.
I don’t find a CODESYS Installer option to do so.


Good afternoon, it’s not entirely clear for what purpose? Let’s say I have version 4 and use a shortcut on the desktop to launch the one I need.

To make it clear the purpose is to choose which version is started when I open a .project file.
For instance I have a 3.5.17 32 bits version installed, when I double-click on a previously created project (based on 3.5.19 64 bits), the 3.5.17 version is opened and it leads to a crash since this not a 64 bits version.

Hi, in my case it works if you right click on the project file → open with → CODESYS Installer GUI and then I can choose the CODESYS version …