How to open hardware configuration that is absent of old Project in Codesys 2.3

Hello, I have an old project of wago which has a I/O modules and commincation Ethernet, i have opened it using Codesys 2.3 and it’s opened without any problems. but when i navigate to PLC configuration to see hardware config I could not find anything
I find it empty
Is it possible that the program that has provided to me is without hardware configuration?
Please note that the files extension provided by the client including the project .PRO in same folder are:

any answer…aaaaaaaaa

Hi, which PLC exactly? What version of codesys? Can you make the project publicly available?

In Codesys 2.3 you do not have to add modules to the KBUS configuration. You can declare variables that are located at %I and %Q directly.

For example
myDI_01 : AT %IX10 : BOOL;

It worked very well, and some people are missing that feature now (me included)!

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could you tell me which PLC and what FW version ? By knowing this we could limit on what version of codesys was released at this time and see if this is not another problem.
Last if you open your project in a text editor, you should be able to see a ligne with: [Hardware configuration]
In this you should be able at last to see what modules are used.
And maybe where each variable where set. (but not sure)