Codesys Communication Manger - Required information model version exists in the model repository but is not found


I am trying use the Codesys Communication Manager to set up an Opc ua server with a custom information model. As a start I am using the Boiler model available on Opc foundations github page.
I am testing with a Wago CC100 and using Codesys V3.5 SP19 Patch 6.

I get the following error:
Communication Manager [Device: PLC Logic: Application]: The information model is required by with a minimal publication date from 15/12/2023 but the device has only a model from 15/09/2021 installed. Probably the information model from 15/09/2021 is missing in the information model repository.

The error message does not make sense to me. Should it not be “Probably the information model from 15/12/2023 is missing in the information model repository”?

Anyway, both versions are available in the repository. How to fix?


Hi @anlebr ,

Please use an older version of nodesets. It is also related to the device description.