Licens trouble after e!COCKPIT crash

I get this message after a crash of e!C:

License key “62QDY-…-GNC1G” from the project file cannot be used. It is being used by another device. Assign another license to the device or unbind license key “62QDY-…-GNC1G” and hardware ID: “37SUN31564010260372744+0000000000084269”, MAC address “”.

What can I do about it?

I have the same problem but not sure if it was a crash that started it.
Have used WagoUpload to try to delete the license that is in the PLC but it doesn’t work. Can’t upload a valid license either.
After changing to another PLC I get the same problem.
Also by creating a new project with only the functions that require the license, the same result is obtained.
Must then conclude that the problem is in my PC.
Tried deleting C:\ProgramData\WAGO Software\e!COCKPIT\DRM\drm.licenses and re-entering license with no change.
I do NOT want to reset my PC back to factory defaults to fix this.
Hope somebody has a fix . . . .

Please get in touch with WAGO Technical support team.